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No-Code, Automation & Hyper-growth.
That's our Core.

Our story

Isn’t it amazing that Uber’s most used tool by Ops teams is Google Sheets? And what about Shopify team using Airtable on their daily operations? Even the companies that have the biggest and sharpest product/IT teams use non-code technology to operate.

We’re a small team of ex-hyper growth startups, who have been automating processes with no-code tools for almost a decade. With deep experience in Operations, Marketing and Product, our knowledge stack is a great blend to help early stage startups & SMBs.

We love to help teams to laying the proper foundations to achieve hyper-growth. This is only possible with the correct structured dataset and by automating processes and workflows as much as possible.

Boltflow is currently hiring! We’re constantly looking for no-code experts with a solid track record, if you’re interested in joining us please send us your resume at careers@goboltflow.com


Meet the team
Gaston Viau

Ex-Uber, 3X Founder.  Operations Automation expert. Airtable & GSuite evangelist.

Javier Goyret

Microsoft Sr. Product Manager. Duke MBA. Mailchimp & Asana ninja user. Finances & Product Expert.

Olivia Bennett

Ex-Pinterest & Intuit. Growth expert with a solid track record. Webflow , Bubble & Retool evangelist.

Francisco Brendstrup

YC Alumni (HOKALI). Process Automation Expert. Google Scripts, Integromat & Zapier Ninja.

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